Aug 8, 2018

Hello! Hope you're all doing well today. We've been hit with a few thunderstorms here and there and it was originally supposed to rain all week up until next week, but I guess most of that has passed through and limited itself to just next week. That may or may not be good since the area near here tends to flood since it's right near the lake. Last year was awful in terms of flooding. Speaking of flooding.. apparently there was enough water that it somehow got into the room and left a large puddle right near the bed. Isn't that lovely?

Anyway! New goods for Okinawa Summer Festival and Girl Power today, which just opened. Hope you like! I took the photo at Luanes Magical World.

{ credits }

[Ay] HadakeYukata Mini Pink (ML beta) @ okinawa summer festival
Beusy: Crush Bun Hairstyle (Specials)
{CowTea} Cherry Princess HeadBand [Bloom][Glow] @ girl power NEW
K{<3}P - Love Garter - Mait girl power NEW
{Momoko}- Nicki Necklace-set girl power NEW
-Nomi-Hana Skin Gacha-Lips girl power NEW
-Nomi-Hana Skin Gacha-Skin RARE girl power NEW
[SUGARJAM]  " sparkling eyes " RARE ! (catwa) girl power NEW