Jan 20, 2019

I'm just following orders~ (May or may not have been inspired by IRIS...) So I'm currently in the middle of a snow storm. This feels familiar, since we had a very mild winter up until the beginning of January (last year? I think.) and then all the snow came piling in at once. Which seems to be the typical winter here in NY nowadays. The only annoying thing about it for me is the sudden super low temperatures and...when my stepdad doesn't plow the driveway so people can leave for work. Ahem.

Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel a little better about my blog posts, so hopefully it stays that way. Yesterday I was going to blog, but I couldn't get myself in the mood, so I spent some time playing games with friends and then streaming some Fran Bow for them. Feel free to ignore this rant.  Now.. I've realized that my brain is clearly not capable of picking up things that should be considered "simple" patterns to most people (or so I was made to feel like that). My brain likes complicated things/to overcomplicate things and does not consider simplicity for the most part. The puzzles in the game, for me, were challenging to the point of making me feel stupid infront of my friends. Which really put me off to have them witness that. I guess I need to teach myself how to do that.. to be able to play "simple" puzzles. Either that or just keep watching videos of walkthroughs and never figure things out for myself. Heh. I never could figure out why that is, though. But it definitely was not a good feeling to make a "simple" mistake several times and then feel belittled for it. I guess I'll have to learn on my own time and get past those without streaming that bit. Let's just say.. I'm not a fan of board games or even most puzzles.

Let's get to the credits now... shall we?

{ credits }

Ascendant - Delicate Bento Nails - Maitreya Beta
BellePoses - Alexandra 2
Bossie. elena eyebrows [catwa]
eyecandy - comic gun - pastel
FOXCITY. Pastel Love Gacha - 5 - Temporary (Blush)
HORNTAIL - Maitreya Kaela Outfit ([PINK] Necktie//Police Cap//Police Midriff Top//Police Skirt//Shoes [WHITE] Belt//Collar//Handcuff//Panty//SleeveEnd//Socks)
{Imeka} Sora - Hair @ soiree NEW
MICHAN - Ashley Makeup [Catwa] powder pack exclusive
:: MOMOCHUU :: CATWA skin applier - Hina - chocolate tea
[ZakkaYa] Gift M1911 (Behind Shot)