Jan 11, 2019

Hey guys~ I think I'm having a little difficulty liking my photos lately and it started around the end of last month. Could have been from all the blogging I had to do (I took over 30 photos last month..wtf!) I am trying to get past it, but it feels like lately they're too bland or there's something missing and I can't figure out what. Maybe I'm just in a slump of some sort that prevents me from thinking my photos are anything special. And maybe it's something temporary that will pass soon! I hope. 

In the meantime I've been inspired by other things, like playing Killing Floor 2 again (it's been a while) and watching a really good kdrama called Iris with a friend. Ah speaking of, she sent me an old mouse she had lying around since I have had issues with mine the past few months. So my mouse issue is no longer!

Here's my other post for Sanarae today. I know, I'm starting off the new year with a lot of pink. Can't help it sometimes! Thanks for reading my silly text ramblings~ Hope you guys like!

{ credits }

Aidhona - Bunny Face for Catwa
[andika sept GG[LUNETTA]Handposes pack (0o2hand pose)
Ascendant - Flower Bento Nails - Maitreya
BellePoses - Arianne 5
Cake Inc.: LoveIt! Gacha - Hentai Pink (Maitreya)
*CNZ* Baby Plasters sanarae
[Enchante'] - Constance Choker - GIFT
.Florix. Zebra Backdrop - PINK @ equal10
*HolliPocket* Kiki Luv-babypink mini mait @ sanarae
HORNTAIL - [PINK] Inoue Bunny Band
{jealousy.} shine_lip* D [omega] sanarae
Lunacat - Venus Eyes [Catwa Applier] sanarae
:: MOMOCHUU :: CATWA skin applier - Hina - chocolate tea
[ MUDSKIN ]_Chae-young#Eyeliner
[okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows (CATWA)
Pure Poison - Bunny Pumps - Maitreya @ collabor88 NEW
REIGN.- Kitty Stockings (Maitreya-High)
Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Garter - Passion (Maitreya)
*TKW* Dean sanarae
.tsg. Love Bunny Cuffs - Pink