Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hello lovelies! Lots of pink goodness for you today. Just because I felt like doing something fully pink for my lack of it lately. What's a better way to do that than to go full out? Today's look is this cute gacha collaboration set by Buing and DAZED called Riamu! You can find it at this round of equal10. And much like I went full out with the pink look, I also decorated with a lot of pink as well. Here are some more pictures of that by itself:
I wish my computer area looked like this to be honest. I don't even have a desk.. but I do have a pink computer. And I do have a light up keyboard too! Though, it isn't pink. This keyboard is by Insomnia Angel! Hope you enjoy all the pinkness today. Don't forget to click on the decor photos to see a larger photo.

{ credits }

BUENO-Journals Clutter-Pinky
dust bunny . box of roses . pink . box a
+Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets - Pink Floral
+Half-Deer+ Pretty Kitty Floor Pillow - Dreaming - Pink
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Mira Fountain - Pink
+Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush - Cat Truffles Box//Petit Fours  - Pink @ the arcade
+Half-Deer+ Vintage Heart Chair - White+Pink
Insomnia Angel . lighting Gaming Keyboard [pink]
MICHAN - My Corner (#2 Accessories Desk (pink) RARE//#6 Beauty Blender//Mirror [Seed of Inspiration]//#16 Accessories Storage (pink))
MICHAN - My Faves Gacha (#1 Mini Drawers (pink)//#5 Gift Set A//#8 Desk (pink)//#10 Falsies (pink)//#12 Rug (pink)//#13 Frame A//#20 Custom Desk (white) RARE 2)
{moss&mink} Geo Computer (Pink)//Mousepad//Speakers
Onsu ~ "Lakeville" House ~ White
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Kawaii Sign [Pink]//Manga Stack
.random.Matter. - Pretty Girl - Blush//Brush Case [Pink]//Eyeliner//Glitter
tarte. jennifer iron bed
*Tentacio* Little closet
*Tentacio* Beauty Girl (1. Dressing case//5. Creams//8. Makeup box)
*Tentacio* roses and make up

[Black Bantam] Kitten in My Cup Pink @ access
{Buing} & DAZED. Riamu. (Blushed Face Pink [GENUS]//Blushed Tattoo Pink [OMEGA]//Choker in Candy//Mesh Ear//RARE A [maitreya]//RARE B//RARE B .pills.//) @ equal10
+ Demon Spit // Himiko Igari Eye Makeup / Saccharine [OMEGA] equal10
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.6 - Mocap
{HIME*DREAM} Ayane Skin Applier Genus - Medium
MICHAN - Celeste Lashes [Genus]
Pure Poison - Bunny Slippers - Maitreya