Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hey guys! Bringing you some more Imaginarium goodies today. I got inspired to do this post after the one I made yesterday, so it was done early! I like doing posts the day before, but if I get used to doing it that way.. I overwork myself quickly. I haven't actually done this in a while though, it feels weird. Anywho, ontop of those I have a cute pair of ears by BUING as well. Hope you like! The location of today's photo is Luanes Magical World.

{ credits }

[ abrasive ] Sweet Sugar Dress Maitreya Exp - Pink
Analog Dog - toni C - @ imaginarium
{Buing} Neko Mesh Ears @ fluffy kawaii open march 23rd
+ Demon Spit // Himiko Igari Eye Makeup / Saccharine [OMEGA]
Epicine - Sakura Tattoo
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.6 - Mocap
{HIME*DREAM} Ayane Skin Applier Genus - Medium
Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 06 for OMEGA
LOTUS. Flow Eyes (Genus)
MICHAN - Hazel Lashes [Genus] for powder pack
:: MOMOCHUU ::Chiyo - Strawberry choker B RARE
Yokai -Spring fragrance GACHA (2. Bunny Magic Wand (gold\pink)//6. Frog Magic Lantern (pink flowers)//9. Wings (pink flowers)//14. Flower diadem (pink flowers)imaginarium

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