Aug 29, 2013

I was so out of ideas for what to do regarding an outfit today. Whether or not I wanted to show a sexy or lolita look today, the decisions danced around in my mind. I remembered then that Psyche, a gal from the Lolita Haven group, mentioned G Field had blouses. I rushed over as soon as I could.. and I apparently have never gone through that section of the store. They're some really high quality blouses, just like their dresses! I can't believe I never saw them before. Thank you Psyche, if you ever see this!
Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Jodie w/ Roots in Night

Blouse - Silky Blouse "Charlotte" in White

Dress - Classic Dress "Clea" in Black
G Field

Socks - Ruffle Socks in White
G Field

Boots - Lace-up Boots "Gina" in Black
G Field