I know why you're here.. I probably forgot to list something body related on my flickr or blog post. There are a lot of bloggers out there who wear the same products on a daily basis, but you don't see them credited or listed in every post. 

Sometimes you're new to that person's blog and you want to know what that something is.. but it's not listed in their latest post and you don't know where to look or how to ask. I'm one of the bloggers who do that from time to time, but I want you to know it's always okay to ask what I'm wearing, even if I don't have it listed! I don't bite (unless you want me to.) Half of the time I might forget to list it out, but I try my best to remember. If I don't, I will put it here for you. Then you can find out exactly what it is, and the store you can find it at! I promise I'm not trying to keep it to myself.

Of course, if there's something that isn't listed here and I forgot to credit in my posts that you see me wearing a lot, please feel free to send me an IM or NC in world (SooYun Ichtama)! I'm more than happy to share with you guys. :)


**Currently up to date!**

Mesh Body | [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition
Mesh Head | LeLUTKA Raven Head
Skin | MUDSKIN - Ravy - JEBI