Hi designers! Would you like me to review your items or invite me as a blogger to an event you're hosting? Or perhaps you are here because you want me to become an official blogger for your store. In that case, please read below beforehand if you are interested in my work.
  • Send me your items in a folder named "SooYun Ichtama - review copy"
  • Include your store LM and/or marketplace link (if no in-world store) and a notecard with your username, a little about yourself/your products (what kind of items you sell, if the item is for an event, mainstore release, etc.) why you chose me to review your products and all that good stuff. It doesn't have to be super fancy, just as long as you get to the point.
  • I will accept blogging any kind of items. Hair, skin, eyes, poses, accessories, clothing, shoes, furniture. You name it. The only thing I absolutely will not do is blog male or furry items. This is not because I am against either of those things, but because I lack the required items in order to do such a thing and am not very interested in going that far out of my comfort zone. I am less likely to blog items that are extremely revealing, but I may consider if the quality is outstanding. I will not blog items with stolen textures or ones that have been ripped from other games, please be kind enough not to send me those.
I will usually blog your items within one week of the date they are sent, depending on how busy I am with rl/other blog posts. A link to the post(s) will be sent to you through IM or I will tag you on flickr if you prefer not to be messaged. Please be patient during the blogging period time. If it takes a little longer than expected, you are welcome to send me a message and ask how things are going. If I am not interested in blogging your product, I will say so as soon as it is sent, so you won't have to wonder if that is the case. I am forgetful however, so it is entirely possible I will need reminding. If you do not receive a declined message from me, then I am already in the process of creating a post with your item(s). It is nearly impossible for me to blog every item sent, as I blog for the stores listed in the 'designers' section, and their items come first and foremost. If I really like your items, I will promote your store more than once and will most likely use the items often.

Please understand that I may or may not choose to review your product based on my own personal taste. If your items do not meet my expectations, I will decline to blog them. I am very picky with what I will blog, but please don't let this discourage you from giving it a shot. The more creative and well textured your items are, the more likely I am to accept your offer to blog them, unless I have a lot to blog on my plate at the time you are sending a review copy. Items without any shading or detail will not ever be blogged. These kinds of items look flat and lifeless; and overall, they are not appealing to me at all. (If you are afraid your items fall within that category, take a look at my blog posts to see what style of items I blog.)

All written reviews (even the designers I am working with) are all 100% honest opinions of what I think of the items. I will never give false information or fake reviews regardless of if you offer money in return, especially if I really don't like something. If I state that I love or like something a lot, it is certainly how I feel!

If you have any questions, please contact me in-world- SooYun Ichtama (or leave a reply here). If you prefer to discuss through email, send any business inquiries to sakakyoku@gmail.com (with some sort of subject in the title so I know what is being sent) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing me to review your products and/or join your blogger team! I look forward to working with you ♥