Sep 26, 2013

I made myself a flickr (finally!) which was actually by accident when I went to comment on Pepper's photo on there, coincidentally. I don't regret it of course, flickr is pretty awesome. You can find my flickr, if you're interested, from the front page in the drop down menu. I've been fairly busy the last few days; running around doing chores, going to stores with my boyfriend who just recently lost his job, and also bringing my dad's cat back to his apartment. Now that it's all slowed down, I finally have some time to myself to do pictures and play around on SL! I also changed up the layout again, for those of you who may have noticed and read my blog on a daily basis. The other one was squishing the images in the preview, which is so not attractive.

This post is mostly to show off Crazy Kitty's new release that included an amazingly textured mesh corset (as well as shoes and spats, which I am not wearing since I didn't like them as much). It comes in several colors packed into an awesome and easy-to-use HUD, all of which I just realized while typing this, I should have shown off here. Heh.. Whoops! Guess I was too in love with the red. You can see the other colors in the MP entry for the corset.

Outfit Goodies:
Bra/Panties - Sasha Lingerie Bra/Knickers
Corset - Lace Corset from Hot Time
Boots - Biker Boots