Sep 6, 2013

Today's outfit was accidentally stumbled upon! I was actually on my way to a store that was closing down that I had seen from another store's notice, due to the owner having a really bad illness. (I wish her the best of luck with it, it's sad that her health was the reason she had to close the place.) I flew around the sim to see what else was around, and eventually, I saw Blue Blood's new store (new to me, it may not be new). Turns out, most of the stuff they have up now is totally lolita! I was really happy to see it. If any of you shop at katat0nik and remember the dresses from a couple years ago (I believe you can still purchase them), Blue Blood's stuff looks quite similar to that! It made me super giddy since I miss kat's old stuff, as much as I do enjoy her newer things. They also have a BUNCH of dresses for $1L each out on the shelves on the first floor. If you would like to grab them for yourself, just click this happy little link! Please note, however, that this dress in the pictures is NOT one of the $1L dresses. 

The dress I chose to wore for this entry is considered 'ero lolita'. Sexy, yet subtle and beautiful at the same time. I need to get myself some more poses to take pictures.. I think I'm getting tired of the ones I have. /laugh On a side note, Chobii offered to doll up the pictures for my future entries (and possibly take them for me!). So I hope you look forward to it~ I know my pictures are pretty plain on their own, since I possess no amazing photoshop skills. So you see them straight out of SL!
Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Studio in Red 10 **No longer available**

Dress/Stockings - Steel Rose in Red

Shoes - Square-Toe Shoes "Sophie" in Red **color slightly modified**