Sep 16, 2013

Hey all! I know, I've done it again with not updating.. I couldn't decide on an outfit for the past few days, but then yesterday I found out a new lolita dress was released at Rokumeikan. I was going to update the blog before the net got shut off for the night (not even going to explain that), but everything decided it no longer wanted to work while I was doing it. I thought it wasn't during the net being cut off, but just found out that apparently it shuts down early. I couldn't access LMs from SL either to figure out where everything was (or grab marketplace links/LMs from SL) since SL won't load up, and I also couldn't just make a post to the blog and edit it later since it just kept sitting there. So much for bad luck.

Rokumeikan's new lolita dress, Lapin sur la Colline correctly follows the style of the lolita fashion, despite it being a mesh dress. I see a lot of mesh dresses that claim to be lolita, yet they are not knee length or anywhere near it. However, RMK's fit right in, which I was happy to see, considering how anal I am about dressing in it correctly.

I am a bit sad that RMK's dresses only come in one size, which is petite/small. I think it would generate a lot more sales with the standard sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). A lot of girls range around the S/M shape, but there are also pretty bigger girls who do better in a L, and I think they too would appreciate it and it overall, would bring in more business. This is really my only complaint with RMK mesh dresses.

When this dress first came out, the alpha did not fit correctly, but it has since been fixed so my review has been revised. I love the quality of RMK dresses in terms of textures, and it was surprisingly enough to get me to keep wearing it despite the issues it had at the start. I would recommend buying this dress because of the adorable textures that RMK tends to have. At $400L a piece however, it can be pretty pricey.

This post was more of a review than just a 'picture' post.. But I hope you guys enjoy at least! Onto the good stuff..

Outfit Goodies:
Hair - MatthiolaA in Blond

Hair Accessory/Dress - Lapin sur la Colline in Red

Stockings - Alice in Crimson Stockings **tinted**

Boots - Lace-up Boots "Gina" in Beige **tinted**