Sep 20, 2013

It took me a little while to put an outfit together with this blouse.. but I've finally done it! These are new blouses for Violent Seduction and they're simply STUNNING. Not only do they come with both a long AND short sleeved version, but they also have appliers for those of you who love your mesh boobies (like myself). They also come in 17 different colors, leaving you with plenty of options, or for those who like having your items in a certain color. For those of you who can afford to buy fatpacks, I can almost guarantee you'll never have to shop for another blouse again, haha.

I would highly recommend checking out the store and purchasing some for yourself if you love wearing blouses in general or if you enjoy the lolita fashion (because they go great with lolita dresses!). These blouses look great paired with the Roseraie lolita dress at the Violent Seduction store, or if you prefer a more casual look, they look awesome paired with her sailor shorts! Or really anything outside of her store, honestly. Either way, I would highly recommend them, not only for the price, but the high quality.

Outfit Goodies:
Breasts - Lush Breasts
Blouse - Lolita Blouse in Mint
Socks - Lace Dot Socks in Mint
Shoes - Platform Cuties in Black & Taupe RARE **gacha**