Nov 18, 2013

It's a new day (well, technically, I know it says I posted two entries in one day), which means you get a new post from me! I'm on a roll and trying to fit in as many blog posts as I possibly can. Hence the huge shopping spree that took place, so I have plenty to show! Today is a new release from Ducknipple which looks pretty awesome if you want to look sassy or go for a biker chick look. I guess you can say that's kind of what I went for. Hopefully I'll be able to get in Shoetopia before the event closes. I'm dying to get some of the gorgeous new shoes from Boom!

Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Story in Black 04 **no longer available**

Lip Piercing - Unisex Face Piercing U1 ~8 Metals~

Jacket - Wacko Jacket
Ducknipple //

Pants - Only Half Wild Jeans

Photos taken at Tierra de Fantasia.