Dec 17, 2013

Brr! It's freaking cold out there guys! My outfit isn't Christmasy you say!? ..Did I catch you off guard? Heh, no worries, there will definitely be more Christmas outfits from me. I bought most of this last winter I believe, haven't really worn it much since.. so why not get out some old clothes and play with them? Well, that was my line of thinking today. I should do that more often, there's probably a lot I could use that I haven't yet. I'm bad with shopping, since I see a lot of new stuff then go crazy buying and incorporating it into my blog outfits, then I forget all about the stuff I bought previously! I should probably try and stick to making something out of what I already have, huh? But it's so hard..! 

I'm all ready and bundled up for winter in this look of the day! I decided it was time I did something cute for a change, so this outfit was born! Onto today's outfit goodies..

Outfit Goodies:
Skin: Yoonbyeol in Cheukema

Eyes: Dark Skies in Dark Brown **June group gift**

Lips: Toktok Tint in Barbie
JM Mai

Scarf: School-Line Coat Muffler01 in White
Edelweiss //

Coat: School-Line Duffel Coat Short in Pink

Skirt: School-Line Skirt in White (plain)

Tights: Winter Tights in Snow **NEW**

Shoes: "Ruffled Heart" Leg Warmer Mary Janes in Pinkv1