Dec 10, 2013

Hi all! Things have been a little hectic for me the past month or so.. But now that things have slowed down, I can finally continue to post to my blog! I learned some things that unfortunately were not the best, so my plans for moving out to Massachusetts have been canceled. However I will be able to see my family for Christmas, so it's definitely a plus in that aspect. Living on your own is tough, and my boyfriend and I are clearly not ready for it at this time. I'm thankful to our families for the support they have given to us and continue to give us, regardless.

On a side note.. Don't ever let anyone tell you what to do with your life. You are in control of yourself and your future, no one else. What you do with your life is your business and your business alone. If you don't like your lifestyle, then change it and ask for help if you need it! Don't let someone else dictate that decision for you or tell you that your lifestyle doesn't meet their expectations, because -your- life isn't about them. And don't be afraid to ask someone for help, ever. Just make sure that it is someone you know you can trust. There will always be someone to support you and your choices, even if others won't. That's all there is to it. If someone chooses to judge you or abuse you (or both) for your choice of actions, then let them go.

Anyway! I apologize for the rant and that I've kept you all waiting so long for new blog posts. On a lighter note, I did get the chance to go to the Arcade after 4-5 days of waiting, which was a real treat! Unfortunately, I didn't see as much there as I thought I would have liked. It's probably better on my lindens though, huh? I'll be blogging some of the things I did pick up though, don't you worry!

This is a mixed post, with lots of new goodies since I haven't been able to blog for a bit. Don't worry though, I'll pick up the pace with the blogging again so I don't fall behind!

Outfit Goodies:
Hair/Hat: Lilou with Bow **December Group Gift**
Glasses: Cute Kitty Glasses in White/Red
Witches and Rats //

Earrings: Cross Earrings in BlackxRed
Witches and Rats

Bag: Biscuit Bag in Love
Violent Seduction @ Holiday Sweets and Treats Fair

Collar: Envy Posture from Demoness outfit
Top: Suicide Mini Top in Red
Witches and Rats @ Suicide Dolls

Jeans: Low Rise Skinny Jeans in Marine
Shoes: Dolly Heels (Knotty) in Black Suede

**The tree in these photos is a new product from Trompe Loeil at FaMESHed.**