Jan 24, 2014

So I'm uh.. just a tad more sexy than normal today (tonight technically, I haven't gone to bed yet.. it's really late.)! But I thought it worked well with Chop Shop's new eyes and lips. Do you agree? The reason I posted this so late is because, well.. I have things to do tomorrow! But I want to be sure that I get a post in so I don't lose my mojo. I hope you all understand! On a side note, after an intense search for jobs the past month, my boyfriend has finally got himself one! I'm happy, but I'm also pouty at the thought because his job is customer service again and it's open availability.. meaning they could call him in late or call him in early at any point. AND they're open every day of the year. The pay is better than his last one though, so I'm hoping that this goes well for him! He definitely deserves a good job. <3

Oh yeah. So as much as I love my lush breasts, I was starting to get annoyed with having to play around with them everytime I put on a new outfit, and I was starting to think the shape (and size) doesn't look right anymore. Thus I ventured out after shopping at all of the events I managed not to miss, and got some Puffy breasts! They're cheaper and actually a lot nicer in my opinion. I also found out that they do work with lola appliers too, score! They look realistic and are very easy to adjust without any major fitting (depending on your shape, of course). And they still have that natural shape that the lush breasts have to look sexy and (surprisingly) seamless. Definitely worth purchasing in my opinion, whether you have lush breasts already, or whether you're just getting into the mesh/prim breast fad. If you like saving lindens, that's what these are all about!

I decided today was also a good day to bring back the succubus look that I've missed a lot! For those of you who remember my previous succubus look, it was originally a Halloween outfit. Nearly black (or all black) eyes remind me of demons and such, so I quickly got ideas and then went to work with them! It was a sad day when I found out DeeTalez didn't have separate layer appliers for their clothing.. but I tried to make it work anyway. It turned out.. quite more provacative than I intended, but I still like this look a lot. I hope you guys do too! I've got my fangs out and I'm ready to roll! Or bite..whichever.

Outfit Goodies:
Horns: Boo -Reglisse- GACHA

Hair: Anita
Truth Hair

Face / Body-
Skin: Luna in Vampy
The Sugar Garden

Eyes: Darkness
Chop Shop {Enchanted}

Lips: Love Glossed Purple
Chop Shop

Teeth: Vampire Teeth (Normal)
Shine Avenue

Mesh Boobs: Puffy! Mesh Breasts Rev 1.4.0

Top: Tops usedlook "too small" in Black

Bra: Tops Lace Bandeau in Black

Skirt: Lacey Mini
Forever Young

Garter Stockings: Spectre Stockings

Collar: Bound Collar in Black
Luck Inc.

Wings: Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings {Black} GACHA

Tail: Devil Tail
Medusa Neko

*:.:petit pont:.:* pose pack10 SGP (47-51)
++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F01-05