Jan 17, 2014

Hey lovelies! I bet you're wondering why I'm posting so late. Well, it's because my net hasn't gone out at all the past few days and I've been staying up terribly late.. But yay free days with no worries about when to do stuff! I've been overwhelmed the past couple of days trying to plan for things but not being able to get it all organized. I did manage to go to Kustom9 and the Cosmetic Fair's new round, but I really didn't get much due to the fact that I have little lindens and I really just didn't like that much at either places. I still got something, though! I still have some things I need to blog so I will definitely get to those, I just need to think up some good outfits!

..Back to brainstorming!

Outfit Goodies:
Hair: Swirly in Ebony
Rosy Mood

Skin: Emma GIFT

Eyes: Galaxy in Dark Brown NEW 
The Sugar Garden @ Cosmetic Fair Winter Edition

Jacket Top: Black Mini Jacket

Top: Mini Lace Top in Black

Jeans: Doll Jeans in Denim Black
Bitter Bunnie Designs

Face Piercings: Against the Stream [Ink]

Belly Piercing: Piercing Nombril Coeur Blanc

++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F01-05
++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F06-10