Jan 21, 2014

I doo! And I'm sure you lovely people do too. I finally scrounged up enough lindens to get myself one! And of course I am not disappointed, since I tried the demo far before I bought it. The shape is much cleaner and cuter than the phat azz, in my opinion. Which is why I prefer to get the cute one over the phat one. Both have really lovely curves though, so if you prefer bigger curves (and butt) the phat azz is probably more your style. The only trouble I ran into was trying to find something I liked to go with it.. luckily I found something at the Azz Show.

I wanted to share something with you all today. I had my first run in with bullying a couple of days ago on Second Life. I went into a shop that I hadn't gone into in a while (I won't say the name, because it wasn't the owner's fault and I don't want to bring attention to them) and these two girls who appeared to be shopping there approached me. I thought they were just shopping, but it turned out they were doing something else. First I was complimented on my outfit (I was wearing an outfit from The Secret Store) but then they started to ask me very strange questions, afterwards they would sit there laughing. It made me very uncomfortable and disturbed, so I stopped talking to them and walked away. 

If anyone ever approaches  you or speaks to you and makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, walk away! Teleport out of the area as well, if you really need to. Don't buy into the things they say and certainly don't respond, because words don't mean anything unless you let them. Report them to the owner of the store to keep them from doing it any further. Not only are they scaring away the owner's business if anyone else happens to be around, but they're making a fool of themselves for their actions. I hope none of you have to run into these sorry characters. And I certainly hope none of you lovely people have to deal with something like this.

Outfit Goodies:
Butt: Cute Azz
Luck Inc.

Half Shirt: Kate Crop Top
NS:: Cutie Store

Mini Skirt: Teeny Tiny Tutu in Charcoal
Pretty Liar

Panties: String - Black
[RunAway Design] 

Socks: Pixel Luv Over Kneesocks in Black

Shoes: Akhesa Wedges in BBG
Eudora 3D/Opium LAD

//elephante poses// Here I Come
.:Fudge Opening Gift:.

Photos taken at Eudora 3D.