Feb 3, 2014

Well, shoot. I had totally forgotten about the Enchanted Fair. And I was, for the most part, not disappointed. The only thing that really DID disappoint me, was the fact that 95% of the items were Little Red Riding Hood themed. At that point, the fair may as well have been called Little Red Riding Hood fair! Oops! I've been informed that it WAS infact themed towards Little Red Riding Hood. It threw me off since.. somehow Snow White made it into there. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, name of the fair and fairytales aside, I loved a lot of items surprisingly. I had to have dropped at least 3500L, especially after buying Birdy's limited skin and Beetlebones' fatpack of their items. Those were only a few of the things I grabbed though. I just couldn't resist!

I actually did manage to get into the Fantasy Gacha place today, however it wouldn't load up at all for me, then I got logged out when I afked for a minute while waiting for everything to load. Then as soon as I tried to get back in, it said the place was unavailable. Tried again a bit later, and it was full up again! Aggravating.. I guess I will have to wait on that, it's much easier to get in and load up when there aren't a ton of people. I hope it's worth it to go there in the end!

Outfit Goodies:
Dress :: Little Red Mini Dress NEW
Beetlebones {Enchanted}

Cardigan :: Little Red Hoodie Sweater NEW
Beetlebones {Enchanted}

Stockings :: Thi-Hi - Charcoal
Pretty Liar {The Azz Show}

Eyeliner :: Gel Liner - Silver
Buzzeri {Kustom9}

Eyes :: Hime Eyes - Jade

Skin :: Red Skin ~pure~ (Limited edition Enchantment) Wine NEW
.Birdy. - {Enchanted}

Shoes :: Red Riding Hood - Shoes
Kalopsia {Enchanted}

Neo - Pose Pack
{Imeka} {Kustom9}