Feb 8, 2014

Yesterday was a huge rollercoaster for me. I don't even know where to begin, but I'm glad that for the most part things were patched up. I don't like the thought of games coming between my friendship with someone who I otherwise have little issues with. I don't like to play a lot of the games my friends do, so more than half the time I end up excluded when people don't want to play something I suggest and somehow I'm left to listen to everyone else playing and having fun. It hurts because it seems like at times, no one even notices that I'm being excluded or seem to care. And then there's times where my own sister will say things behind my back about me that aren't even true. I'm feeling better today, thankfully. It feels good to get things out and have the person actually acknowledge your feelings without acting like you're a bad guy in the end. <3

I got into a couple of events last night, including the With Love Fair, The Thrift Shop, and The Artist Shed. I tried for C88, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I'll have to wait a little longer as usual! However, I'm still bringing you a few new things~

Outfit Goodies:
Ring :: My Big Plastic Heart Ring Raven NEW
Utopiah {With Love Fair}

Eyeliner :: metallic liner - lovey edition (light pink) NEW
#adored {The Artist Shed}

Lips :: Dolly Dolly WL Lips - Pale Pink NEW
Pink Acid {With Love Fair}

Top :: Lace tube top/Black

Hair :: [03] Shade NEW

*PosESioN* Zen Set