Mar 3, 2014

I guess today's post is, well.. a little about myself. I am not perfect nor will I ever claim to be. I am tough on the outside but soft on the inside..yet, people still want to be my friend. I am always willing to go out of my way to help those I care about, even if it may affect me in some way. I have even helped many strangers and given them advice. Many who don't know me but have spoken to me seem to think that my heart is nonexistent, or black. But the fact of the matter is.. the people who speak badly about me don't really know me at all, and that is why I think little of what they say. 

While my heart grows colder towards the people that have done these things to me.. my heart is still there, underneath everything, just as it always has been. It stays hidden and reserved for those I can truly trust and rely on, therefore I have lots of love to give to each of them. For those who deeply care for me, and for those whom I deeply care about. I have never heard anything degrading from my real friends. And that is how I know who they truly are. If you talk badly about your friends without having the decency to confront them about the issues you have with them, you don't deserve them as a friend at all. I mean that. No one deserves to be trampled upon or left in the dark.

While there may have been people I once called my friend in the past, even those who I decided to distance myself from for various reasons.. those people will not get me down, and it will not be the end of my friendships with other people. What matters most is those who stick by you through thick and thin. So all I have to say is... if you think I have a black heart, then you do not know me, which means you don't matter to me. The fact of the matter is; those who mind, don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind. I've learned just how true that statement really is.

Outfit Goodies:
Chain Necklace :: Chained collar - Black Metal

Garters :: Black/Silver Leather Star Garter {left & right} GACHA
Violent Seduction

Nails :: Monotone Slink Nail Applier
{mary cakes}

Piercing :: Bonny Piercing /METAL/
Suicidal Unborn

Panties :: String - Black {with Phat Azz applier}

Shorts :: Mesh Mini Shorts with belt 


Socks :: Sweet Heart Socks - Black


Top :: 022 Heart Crop Top - Black

Eyes :: Shattered - Rotten
Dead Apples

Eyeliner :: Gel Liner - Silver

Lips :: Dolly Dolly WL Lips - Pale Pink
Pink Acid

Shoes :: Cupid Creepers - Black {for Slink FLAT feet}

Hair :: Lisa Mesh Hair - Rye
/Wasabi Pills/

.mien. {Pyra}