Mar 25, 2014

First off, again, I'm totally sorry that my updates have been.. well, inconsistent and lacking. I've really not been feeling my best. Plus the weather has been so bizarre lately. It's still like winter and it's the end of March. Wtf.. When are we going to start seeing spring showers, I wonder. 

I'm still trying to get blog posts done anyway and hope not too many of you miss me too badly or worry! I just updated my Firestorm viewer today so unfortunately I had to spend like a half hour fixing all of my settings and stuff because they defaulted. Mmff.. Well I'm pretty certain everything is back to normal now, the only thing is that I had to find a new light setting because the other one I used was a little too dark. Tonight's items are from Tokyo Girl and Pixel Geek. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit Goodies:
Eyes :: Hime Eyes - Angel

Boots :: Lyke Boots - Black

Collar :: Chained Heart Collar - Black Metal

Dress :: Chi Dress Raven/Black

Hair :: [01] Early

Leggings :: Cross Leggings

Poses ::
:.Fudge:. Opening Gift*

Skin :: Harper TDRF *doux* blonde