Apr 4, 2014

Oh goodness. It's been another.. semi-long while since I've updated. I know apologies don't really count at that point since I've said it so much (even though I really am sorry!). I managed to get sick which is the worst for me (even though it lasts a lot shorter) when it happens, due to my strong immune system. I'm starting to feel better finally, so I figured why not get a blog post in while I can? Hopefully, though I'm still unsure, I'll be able to pick blogging up again soon. I have a lot to catch up on and a lot to show you!

It's been a while since I've worn anything Japanese! It certainly reminds me of my old geisha career on Second Life. Though we did not wear hakama, some of our customers did. Those are fond memories, that they are. Anyway, this hakama set by MotiAme was made for the JAPAN FAIR 2014 which you should all go check out! It starts tomorrow and ends on the 20th! I'll have a link provided for you tomorrow~

Outfit Goodies:
Eyes:: Galaxy - Dark Brown

Hair :: Swirly (black)
Rosy Mood

Hakama :: Hakama RINKA Fuschia NEW
MotiAme {JAPAN FAIR 2014}

Nails :: Jolie Boucle {LH Group Gift} NEW

Poses :: { playing the princess } NEW

Skin :: Delilah Skin ~Pure~ (black)

Zouri :: Zouri - Kuroi