Friday, May 2, 2014

Who else is ready for summer? I know it's a bit early, but I know I am already tired of the still rather chilly weather. I'm looking forward to my friend coming to visit me for a week in just a little under two weeks! She's also renting a car while she's here so we'll have a blast going wherever we want. I definitely can't wait, we're going to do soo much I'll probably be too exhausted to do anything when I get home. Haha. I guess I'm looking forward to my birthday as well. Is there anything you guys are looking forward to these next couple of months?

I've also been recovering from severe depression (which is really the reason I don't post often anymore, I just can't feel it as much), which is never a fun thing to deal with. Especially when you find out that all that effort you put in and thought paid off all these years, actually just got buried deep in there somewhere and then came out again eventually.. mm. I'm the kind of person who keeps the really bad things to themself for very personal reasons, so it piles up and up until I can't take anymore. I had to remove a few people from my life as well, since I didn't want to be a burden to them and just overall, wasn't really feeling like we were really friends anymore. Well, things happen I suppose. Life goes on and things will get better somewhere along the line. That's enough of the depressing talk thoughh. I hope you guys enjoy this post, and hopefully I won't take so long to get a new one up after this!

Outfit Goodies:
Mouthie :: Star Lollipop - Blue & Yellow {Lolita Haven Gift} NEW

Leg Tattoo :: Quoted leg tattoo
{Pixel Geek}

Nails :: Pastel Stars

Piercing :: Septum Piercing /METAL/
Suicidal Unborn

Ring :: Black Cross Ring (studz)
Room of Amo

Top :: Mesh Cute-Tee {Hearts}

Shorts :: daisy dukes - checkers

Eyes :: Real Fear
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Shoes :: Heart Heels (Black)
Violent Seduction

Hair :: Whimsical

{Imeka} Ayumi - Pose Pack {GIFT}