Jun 9, 2014

Good morning! I hope you're all having a nice day so far (or a nice sleep). Have a super late post.. because I've been dealing with a looot of crazy things this past evening that were not even close to planned. Thankfully it all got sorted out and everything is good, but I am totally exhausted and probably should have waited til later in the day to post! It's alright though, I had already started everything when something came up, so why not finish? Onto the goods! Then it's time for sleep..

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }

Collar :: Good Kitty Collar Ojou-sama GACHA

Glasses :: (Cat-Eye Glasses) Pink & Pois

Lollipop :: Star Lollipop o4 - Mouthie

Nails :: Choco Yummy - Slink Nails NEW RELEASE
{Witches&Rats} {Sweet Like Chocolate Hunt}

Phone :: Keitai Flip Phone Sweets Decoden RARE GACHA *NEW RELEASE 

Purse :: {Sunday Purse} - Pink {comes with Sunday Dress!} NEW RELEASE
.Atomic. {The Chapter Four}

Ring :: IceCream - Ring 09 - Rare GACHA *NEW RELEASE
{Witches&Rats} {The Thrift Shop}

{ Clothing }

Dress :: {Sunday Dress} Pink NEW RELEASE
.Atomic. {The Chapter Four}

Stockings :: Thi-Hi - Cloud {w/ Azz/SLINK Flat feet applier}

{ Miscellaneous }

Eyes :: Twinkle Eyes V1 - Sea
{Dead Apples}

Hair :: Interrupt - Brown 04 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Shoes :: Joli Platform Shoes - Pink {for SLINK Flat feet}NEW RELEASE

{Witches&Rats} {The Thrift Shop}

{ Poses }

.mien. [ only forever ]
{W&R} Tp Me - Pose