Sep 19, 2014

Hayy loves. I have 900 of you amazing people on my flickr now. 900! I can't even believe it.. Thank you so much. ;3; Did you miss me?! Did you even notice I was gone? ..Be honest now! I know you probably weren't expecting me back so soon, but my boyfriend's laptop has a nice graphics card as I found out and he's awesome enough to let me use his while we get my hard drive taken care of! I just got back home last weekend after spending 3 weeks at Chichi's, so I'm still getting settled back in and stuff. I miss my laptop so much right now. </3 I miss her kitchen and face too. ; A ;

Today's look is inspired by going back to the one place I always happened to hate going to- school. I hope you guys never have to go through what I did and that you actually enjoy your schools (or college). I'm not going to get into it because that would ruin the fun of the cute look but yees. D; It does make me wish that I could have kept wearing a uniform. I looove uniforms. I used to go to a private school when I was young and they had the cutest ones. PLAID. <3 I wish I still had it so I could show you guys! I wonder if I could still fit into it... -laugh- (The joke is that I haven't grown since I was 12.)

Anyway, this adorable sailor outfit is for kustom9, and the shoes are for My Attic. The nails are also new (and there will be a close up as usual on flickr for you to see) and they're by Alaska Metro~ :D I'll have links to everything below, so keep on reading~

Outfit of the Day:
Bag :: *Edelweiss* School Bag (Boston)
Eyes ::  {S0NG} Circle~ Raven Eye // GIFT
Glasses :: Blah. (My Billys Glasses) Black
Hair :: {MOON}Hair. Tied to Me // GIFT
Hair Bow :: Magika // Kawaii Bow
Nails :: alaskametro<3 manicure applier - Neutrals/Silver (Crackle) // NEW RELEASE
Poses :: R.icielli - Editorial Poses (Model Poses pack)
Shoes :: [L Warwick] Elation -Platform Heels- Black/White @ The Attic // NEW RELEASE
Skin :: .tsg. Luna :: A Tone {w/ Azz/SLINK appliers}
Stockings :: {W&R} Dripping Socks - Black + White {w/ Azz/SLINK appliers}
Top/Skirt :: [MotiAme] Sailor Sweater/Flared Skirt - Black @ kustom9 // NEW RELEASE