Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hay loves, how goes it this late night? Are you ready for an explosion of color? .. You should be, because tonight I pretty much look like someone took paint buckets and dumped color all over me! And it's awesome! Decora, surprisingly, was actually one of my least favorite fashion looks back when I was first getting into fashion (this was... sooo many years ago). I felt like vomiting rainbows was not as fun as it looked. I was a full black ensemble gal for the longest time. Then I came to appreciate all the other colors that are out there. That and rainbow-y things make me happy! And now you get a mix of both of those things as a result! .. I am so glad that blogger saves drafts as you're working on posts, because otherwise I would have just lost the entirety of this post and it would have made me cry. </3 Thank you blogger for that! :D Sometimes I like to wonder to myself.. do you guys actually buy the things I list for you? I think so lowly of myself sometimes, that I feel like no one actually does. But so many of you like the things that I post, that it makes me wonder. Is there anything you want me to post that you haven't seen me do? Links, stores, prices, etc? Let me know! And please forgive me if I forget anything, I will put it up if I notice! I've got so many things to share with you tonight.. so it's time to get to the credits!

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }
Ankle Wings :: .tsg. Cupids Wings - Black
Bow :: .tsg. Gigi Hairbow - Eyeball Rainbow / GROUP GIFT
Bow 1 :: -UtopiaH- My Spiked Bow / GROUP GIFT
Dango :: {Amai} Dango. - Hanami
 Garter 1 :: Violent Seduction -Mint/Silver Vinyl Star Garter
Garter 2 :: Violent Seduction - Purple/Gold Vinyl Star Garte
Glasses :: .tsg. Mirai Glasses - Pink
Glasses Deco :: .tsg. Mirai Glasses Sweets Deco Add-on / NOT AVAILABLE
Hair Deco :: [taketomi]_Kokoa_SweetPrincessClips (Sweet Princess Fatpack RARE) {The Gacha Mania}
Necklace 1 :: Sweet Thing. Candy Bow Necklace (Starshine)
Necklace 2 :: .:Buttery Toast:. Kawaii - Pink
Necklace 3 :: Sweet Thing. Spirit Dreamkeeper Neckpiece {The Gathering} / COMING SOON
Staff :: Sweet Thing. Spirit Dreamkeeper Staff {The Gathering} / COMING SOON!

{ Clothing }
Blouse :: *G Field* Silky Blouse "Charlotte" Tops -white- / TINTED
Hoodie :: AMERIE - Long Hoodie(RABBIT) {Creation.jp
Stockings :: *Epic* [Slink] Thigh-High Toeless Socks! {Pink.Rainbow}

{ Miscellaneous }
Eyelashes :: Candy Mountain - . Moody Falsies .
Eyes :: ALTAIR* lyrae eyes .hortensia. & .rose. / GROUP GIFT
Eyeshadow :: {Wicked Peach} - Sweet Dreams 1 {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Hair :: [taketomi]_Kokoa_Fatpack RARE {The Gacha Mania}

Lips :: .tsg. Lip Tinte - Pretty Rainbow / GROUP GIFT
Shoes :: [L Warwick] Validation -Platform Wedges- Noir {SLINK Mid} {Uber} / NEW RELEASE
Skin :: [Chickadee] Sera - Air II {The Gathering} / COMING SOON

{ Poses }
Kirin - Anna  / Haru Pose Pack