Oct 2, 2014

Omg I'm just on a roll the past week, aren't I? Do I look sweet enough to blend in with the background? -bats eyelashes- I'm only doing one full pic tonight because I did a whole..well, not WHOLE but, I have a scene for you guys and I want you to see it! I've got tons to show and so much inspiration to make all the things, so I totally am. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying the outfits at least? As promised, I've got more to show from the Candy Fair~ And I STILL have a lot to share, how cool is that? Candy Fair is starting TOMORROW so get your butts ready for some fantastic sugary goodness because I'll be putting up a link for the fair then! And keep reading for the credits of course. <3

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }
Bag :: .tsg. Gigi Bag - Princess RARE
Bow :: *BOOM* Itsy Hair Bow ALL COLOURS RARE
Cookie Ring :: Sweet Thing. Oops! Cookie Facebook Gift Ring - Double Berry
Donut Ring 1 :: Blah. (My Donut Ring) Strawberry * {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Donut Ring 2 :: Blah. (My Donut Ring) Vanilla * / COMING SOON
Earrings :: Sweet Thing. Strawberry Melty Moon Earrings
Glasses :: .tsg. Mirai Glasses - Pink
Icecream Ring :: .tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring - StrawberryxGold {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Nails :: Sweet Thing. Bunny Nails for Slink Hands -Manicure / COMING SOON
Necklace :: .tsg. Sweetheart Necklace - Pink {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Phone :: .tsg. Keitai Smart Phone Sweets Decoden RARE
Whipped Cream Ring :: Pink Acid Whipped Ice Cream Ring - Cotton Candy W {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
{ Background }
Exposeur - The SugarBowl {Candy Fair} (includes pose) / COMING SOON

{ Clothing }
Romper :: :Moon Amore: Kuki Romper {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Stockings :: [!<3F] Linah Stockings - Pink
Top :: The Secret Store - Sailor Blouse - Candy
{ MIscellaneous }
Eyes :: .tsg. Summer Eyes - Dark Brown *shine*
Hair :: TRUTH Hair Blythe
Shoes :: lassitude&ennui Spin spin sugar pumps - pink/white (Slink med) {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :milktea: {Candy Fair} / COMING SOON