Saturday, November 29, 2014
Hey all! The Arcade is coming SOON and I'm really excited because there are so many pretty things to look at for this round! I believe everyone (if not mostly everyone) has their previews up, so if you check out The Arcade website (which I will link you to), maybe you'll find something you want! Don't forget to keep reading to get that link to the site~

Outfit of the Day:
Crown :: Sweet Thing. Song of Swans Elegant Tiara {The Arcade} / COMING SOON
Dress :: Foxes - Baby Doll - Silk - Black
Eyes :: (*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #sepia
Garters :: Violent Seduction - Pink/Silver Vinyl Star Garters
Hair :: +Spellbound+ MoonSugar // Monochromes
Headdress :: Sweet Thing. Blush Song of Swans Headpiece with HUD {The Arcade} / COMING SOON
Nails/Toes :: DP - Koffin Nails - Ouija Board
Necklace :: Sweet Thing. Pink Tourmaline Elegant Choker - Song of Swans {The Arcade} / COMING SOON
Poses :: 
Ring :: Sweet Thing. Pink Tourmaline Ring - Song of Swans {The Arcade} / COMING SOON
Shoes :: *MUKA* Pump Rosa Pink