May 31, 2015
Hello loves! Happy last day of May! Man is it cold out today. Another unexpected coldfront with the weather's come through. I'm not sure what's been going on there. Must be the thunderstorm last night washed all of the warmth/humidity away?

Oh and.. let me tell you, I didn't expect to get this many blog posts in before the month ends. I've been hauling ass though! And maybe I got just a little excited for the Arcade opening later tonight. Maybe. There are so many things coming up for it this round, and I can't wait to get my hands on everything and show you guys. :D The adorable bunny staff and hairpin are for Ai Gacha, just incase you got confused for second. Hope you enjoy~! Happy shopping tonight!

{ credits }

Collar :: Sweet Thing. Naughty Pink Kitten Collar @ The Arcade / OPENING TONIGHT!
Ears :: Sweet Thing. Cutie Kitten Ears @ The Arcade / OPENING TONIGHT!
Eyes :: (*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #sepia
Garter :: Sweet Thing. Sakura Pentagram Trick Garter
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Bubsy // Pastels
Hairpin :: ALTAIR* bunny magic! ribbon .pink. RARE nt @ Ai Gacha / OPENING TOMORROW!
Nails :: Xanthe's Lovely Lace (Kiss)
Pose :: 3 Umbrellas TCF 2nd Year Gift (Umbrella_Pose_7)
Shorts :: * VinCue ~ Poppy+Shorts 
Skin :: .tsg. Luna ::  A Tone
Socks :: Sweet Thing. Pink Pawprint Socks @ The Arcade / OPENING TONIGHT!
Staff :: ALTAIR* bunny magic! staff SUPER RARE NT @ Ai Gacha / OPENING TOMORROW!
Sweater :: -tres blah- Thermal - Roses
Tail :: Sweet Thing. Fluffy Naughty Kitten Tail @ The Arcade / OPENING TONIGHT!

Photo taken at ::SLOW cafe:: .