May 30, 2015
Hey loves! (Probably?) One last post before we get into June! I have a very summer-y look for you today to basically reflect the current weather. The skin kind of makes it look like it's super hot too, doesn't it? Now I know it's supposed to be spring right now.. but.. It's been hot, it's been warm, it's been.. super cold.. and pretty much all over, the past couple of weeks. This hair reminds me of how some peoples' hair get when it's super humid hahah. Frizzy and poofy! I wanted to dye my hair a similar color to this, but I'm so torn at the same time. I'm a brunette irl, meaning I'd need to bleach the crap out of my hair in order to get a pink anywhere near it, and that would be the end of my hair. D: Once it starts fading.. I'd pretty much be a blonde for a while, or be forced to keep dying my hair with the pink. Noot too keen on that.. Maybe I should be bold and just do it?

Anyway! I've a pretty simple look for you today, but I found out kat had a little freebie for this really pretty looking place, and I had to grab it! So that's pretty much why I put this together. Hope you like~ Next month is going to be super yummy and busy! Multicultural Menu and Mizu are starting up extremely soon!! Guess what else is coming up!? ..You probably guessed by now. The Arcade! :D
{ credits }

Bracelets :: Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelets - Blood 
Choker :: Sweet Thing. Botanica Collar
Hair Bow :: *katat0nik* (skull) Texture Change Bow @ OPORUTO / FREE
Hair :: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Courtney @ Cosmetic Fair
Nails/Toes :: DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails - Deal Me In
Pose :: ..;;+O-turun+;;.. Free 01 1
Shoes :: {Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Ruby Sparkle (Slink)
Shorts :: Sweet Thing. Sweetheart Shorts - Noir (w/ Patches) @ Kawaii Project
Skin :: .tsg. Snowflake :: A tone / GROUP GIFT
Top :: :FY: Beary Evil Tank @ Suicide Dollz

Photo taken at Neva Sky Villi.