Jun 12, 2015

I'm all alone waiting for you to come home.. I even got your favorite foods, so come home quickly before I eat them all myself~!

..When did I start making up back stories? Ahem. Hello lovely readers! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for continuing to support me by reading and overall just being interested in my blog! You're awesome, and I would simply be nowhere without you. <3

Normally I wouldn't have a post for you on this day, but again the racetrack I work at was canceled due to rain so yay for free time and another new post! I've got some Arcade goodies (as usual), a lovely furniture piece by Nomi, and some left over things from Multicultural Menu. Then there's this adorable hair that I couldn't get to work beforehand (which I apologize for) by Sweet Thing! Also some new nails that will be out for the Alice in Sexyland event (later today?). I hope you guys enjoy!

{ credits }

Blossom Lamp :: 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Moon Lamp
Buoy :: Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Safe Buoy {The Arcade}
Chair Decoration :: Ariskea [ Porcelain]  Just a Pouf {The Arcade}
Food Set :: Aphrodite Shop - "Living de Campo" Deco Mate Set {Multicultural Menu}
House :: Ariskea [ Porcelain]  Shabby Shack RARE {The Arcade}
Mat :: 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Bamboo Rug
Mousse :: C L A Vv. Mousse {Multicultural Menu}
Plant :: Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Tropical Plant 1 {The Arcade}
Sakura Vase :: 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Sakura Vase
Side Table :: Pixel Mode - Victoria's Hideaway - Willow Side Table {The Arcade}
Sofa Set :: -Nomi-Lotus sofa(color-2)-2 {On9} / NEW
Souffle :: C L A Vv. Souffle {Multicultural Menu}
Tortillas :: UNCERTAIN SMILE TAPIOCA {Multicultural Menu}
Wine Set :: Pixel Mode - Victoria's Hideaway - Therapy {The Arcade}

Bracelet :: [BB] Fresh Water Pearls/Gold & Diamond Bracelet - Pink {On9} / NEW
Dress :: -Pixicat- Darling.Dress - Pink
Flats :: *BOOM* Melody Bow Flats (strawberry) {Collabor88}
Flower Hair Deco :: [Black Bantam] Daisy's Everywhere Hair Decal - Pink {The Chapter Four}
Hair :: Sweet Thing. Emiko Hair {On9} / NEW
Nails {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Offbeat - SLINK {Alice in Sexyland} / STARTING TODAY
Pose :: <K&S> Seductive lady