Jun 25, 2015

Hey loves! So I've noticed that when really bad things happen, somehow my faith in getting things done is heightened to unrealistic levels. It's uplifting at the time, but having one bad thing after another happen just creates a point in time where the high becomes a really big low. The only thing I can really rely in times like that though, is faith. And I suppose maybe something I consider to be a higher being watching over everyone. I don't know when the hardships are going to end, but I'm glad that I'm strong enough to pull through all of them. Perhaps my faith isn't as silly as I had originally thought. 

This post is basically for relaxation, because the short amount of time it took me to catch up allowed me to have a small break period. Sorry for a kind of personal post, I suppose sometimes it's needed. Anyway, Summerfest just opened on the 20th and this gorgeous beach house with the dock attached by Windsong is there for you to buy! (Sorry it's kind of covered by the trees.) The event's open until the 12th of July, so head over at some point and see what might catch your interest! Short credits today. Enjoy your Thursday!

{ credits }

Beach House/Dock :: *windsong. { beach hut w. dock} {Summerfest} / NEW
Cherry Tree :: *Poetica* Cherry Tree ~ Blush
Hair :: Magika [HUD 02] The Wish
Heels :: ::: Suki ::: Harah Shoes ~ blue / NEW
Ring :: :Moon Amore: Donut Ring
Shell Necklace :: .Atomic. {Gacha} Mermaid Dreams - Shell Necklace (purple)
Tree Seat :: Ariskea [ Porcelain] Hanging Seat {The Arcade}
Top/Skirt :: :Moon Amore: SummerLand Top & Skirt (Pink) {Collabor88}
Unicorn Headpiece :: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Sea Unicorn Headdress RARE {The Arcade}