Jun 14, 2015

Nyuu nyuu~ ( ^ ๑ↀᆺↀ๑ ^ )  I'm a kitty that likes swimming! Except not really. Hello lovelies~ Good afternoon! I had this blog post all typed up and ready to go for you a night ahead of time! But of course I slept in, since I hardly got sleep yesterday. I got excited and just had to get some things for the Kawaii Fair blogged, since it opens in a day, and everything is SO DARN CUTE I couldn't resist. Summerfest starts soon, so for those of you who were asking I provided an exact date! Since I really thought these items by Meme fit the theme of my post really well I added them! That's why I've posted them so early. Let me show you what I've got to share with you today!

{ credits } 

Bag Deco :: dust bunny . beach bag . cream {The Arcade}
Basket Deco :: dust bunny . getaway basket {The Arcade}
Lounge Chair :: dust bunny . lounging chair
Pool Area :: -Nomi-Water Splash {-MIZU-}
Rug :: *windsong. { rug pack 1:1 } {Summerfest} / STARTS JUNE 20th
Sandal Deco :: dust bunny . flip flops {The Arcade}

Swimming Sign :: *windsong. { wooden sign : gone swimming } {Summerfest} / STARTS JUNE 20th
Tote Deco :: dust bunny . beach towel tote . chevron {The Arcade}

Dress :: Sweet Thing. Mew MiniDress {Kawaii Project} / STARTS JUNE 15th
Earrings :: {BunBun} Bun Earrings
Ears :: Sweet Thing. Cutie Kitten Ears {The Arcade}

Hair :: *PH* 8055
Pose :: (*ANGELICA) ANG! (for mesh hands)
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) HYERI :sugar: normal {Kawaii Project} /STARTS JUNE 15th
Tail :: Sweet Thing. Fluffy Sweet Kitten Tail {The Arcade}
Teeth :: Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs