Jul 16, 2015

Firstly, let me just say this.. wow. My dreams have come true and then some. I never expected my blog to get to where it is, nor did I expect to improve as much as I have from where I started in August, 2013. It's been almost 2 years now and I've surpassed a whole 50,000 pageviews. I know that's not a lot to some, but to someone who treats their blog like it were their own child, it's incredible. A lot of designers chose to take me on as a blogger, and I would be next to nowhere without them. And of course, I would also be pretty much nowhere without you guys, my blog readers, either! Thank you all so much for supporting me, and here's to many more years of blogging! -tips glass of wine-

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in close to a week, but it's been fairly busy for me! I did want to get a post for you done today since it's already almost the weekend again! Manga Fair starts tomorrow and I've got a lot of adorable things to share! I dressed up in Sweet Thing's new sailor uniform to look a bit like a sailor scout, I suppose you could say. I thought it went well with the theme for Manga Fair, though it's actually for OMGacha! Also, have I ever mentioned how much I adore pomeranians? This cotton candy pomeranian by Black Bantam had me cracking up but also 'aww'ing because it looks just like the real thing! Aside from the pink, of course. So cute. Cheers to all you lovelies, and I hope you enjoy today's look! Thank you once again for a grand total of 50,000+ pageviews! <3

{ credits } 

[*Art Dummy!] summertide. (chair, vintage - rose)
:::OBF::: Love Sofa - TYPE O (Texture Change)
LAQ Decor ~ Pink - Glass Cabinet
[KRAVE] Ichigo Maid Sama Wall Scroll {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
[KRAVE] Cafe Life Wall Scroll {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH

Belly Piercing :: POMPOSITY - Heart Studded Belly Piercing (x2)
Body :: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Cotton Candy :: [Black Bantam] - PomeCotton Candy Stick - Pink Glitter RARE <3 {Wayward Carnival} / NEW
Crown :: -Nomi-Queen Crown-B {The Kawaii Project} / NEW
Eyes :: [NI.JU] Bubble II Eyes . hazel S {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Hair :: Sweet Thing. Puppy Hair {The Epiphany} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Halo :: Sweet Thing. Demonic Halo {The Epiphany} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Nails :: Veechi - Scout Uniform Nails {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Necklace :: {Secret Love} Celestial love - Necklace {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Purse :: .Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 6
Rings :: {Secret Love} Moon Princess - Silver {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Sailor Shirt :: Sweet Thing. Sailor QT W+Black Top {OMGacha} / NEW
Sailor Skirt :: Sweet Thing. Sailor QT W+Black Skirt {OMGacha} / NEW
Shoes :: [KRAVE/Strike it] Black Cupid Bow Heels {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Skin :: *(OO)*YUKI_(Milk) Lady Skin 01 {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH
Stockings :: Veechi - Filigree Lace Thigh Highs {Manga Fair} / STARTS JULY 19TH