Sep 8, 2015

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Hello dear blog readers! It's suuuper hot today and it's one of those days where it's making me not want to do anything, but I'm still going! Beating the heat is really hard though. You know what else was hard? Getting to C88 on the very first day, but somehow I did it!! I bought so much stuff, I can't wait to show you guys as soon as I get caught up with blog posts a bit! You might notice something different about today's picture that will continue to be in future pictures.. I'll leave that to you to ponder. -wiggles eyebrows- Keep reading for credits! They're short today!

{ credits }

Arrowhead Earrings :: Pink Acid Arrowhead Earrings - Iridescent Burn
Dress :: Fawny - Delicate Lily.Dress - Pink-Turquoise {TCF} / NEW
Flower Crown :: Pink Acid Floral Tiara - Princess
Flower Earrings :: [Black Bantam] Daisy's Everywhere Earrings Decal - Pink
Hair :: Moon. Hair. // Negative
Necklace :: Pink Acid Melting Heart Key Necklace - Pink
Shoes :: Narcissa.Heels (Mint) - Slink