Oct 6, 2015

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Hi hi! Good afternoon~ Lately I've been doing my pictures on a nightly basis rather than in the afternoon as I wanted, and I get too excited to wait that long! I also get kind of tired and lose my mojo. So I put this post out a teeny tiny bit later than I wanted to. I hope you enjoy regardless!

{ credits }

Con.&floorplan. lazy chair
Plethora - Potions Cabinet
Birdy - Altar set - Palm {TCF}
+Half-Deer+ Kitty Stringlights - Black {TCF}
+Half-Deer+ Kitty Stringlights - Black/Yellow
Birdy - Altar set - Candle Cluster - Red {TCF}
+Half-Deer+ Tentacles - Black {the nightmare event}
Soy. Table with Drawers (Aged Dark Wood)
[Fetch] Fairy Tree Room Divider [tinted]

Cheek Piercing || PUNCH / Dimple Set
Claws || ieQED talon.ring.set.obsidian {we <3 rp}
Eyes || .tsg. Dead Doll Eyes - Brown . vip gift~
Dress || T&S - Witchy Dress w/Hud
Garters || Sweet Thing. Little Coven Garters
Hair || pr!tty - Aoki - {Wilds} {TCF}
Headband || Pink Acid Mousy Floral Fall Headband - Halloween {TCF} . new~
Necklace || Sweet Thing. Remnants of Enemies - Dark {the nightmare event}
Pose || IDK_Pack70_03 (pose)
Septum Piercing || MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style18) silver
Shoes || REIGN.- SLAYER WEDGES - Black
Tattoo || Isuka - Mehndi - Fresh