Nov 15, 2015

 « bundled up »
Whoo! Super colorful today! Well, I'm not, but the background is to make up for it. :D I have a lot to share for the month of November, including stuff for Kawaii Project which just opened today! This round is absolutely outstanding, by the way, and to celebrate their first year, there's also a lot of freebies you can grab, so don't forget to stop by! I also took a closer pic so you can see the tail and bag better because I kinda failed at that without realizing until I was already typing up the post. oops. </3 Click here!

{ credits }

Boots || .tsg. Snow Bunny Boots - Black
Bunny Bag || Sweet Thing. Bunny Bag - Shadow {kawaii project} . new~
Cat Headband || ALTAIR* nekomimi maid .black.
Collar || ALTAIR* kitty collar .impure black.
Dress || ALTAIR* princess nightgown .black. {kawaii project} . new~
Garter || ALTAIR* magica garter .black.
Hair || [taketomi]_Rin_II_Pastel04
Jacket || -tres blah- Catby Shrug - Black {C88}
Nails || .tsg. Almond Nails - Classy Lace . VIP gift~
Necklace || ALTAIR* magica necklace .black. {kira kira} . new~
Pose || .mien. [ timid ] 03
Skin || [UMEBOSHI] Nov grpgift skin . gift~
Tail || Sweet Thing. Black Neko Tail