Nov 8, 2015

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Hey!! Long time no see! And sorry for my week long absence. Basically I've been busy the past week, and also replaying Resident Evil 5 with my waifu, but I'd never forget about you guys in the long run. I had a lot of fun with this look, so I hope you enjoy it as well! Got lots of awesome new stuff to share by Ayashi,, Chop Shop, Black Bantam, nova, and Cila! Credits below, of course.

{ credits }

Chair || [Black Bantam] Upcycled Bike Seat Chair 1 - Cherry Wood {6º Republic} . new~
Eat Sign || [Black Bantam] Eat Light Bulb Kitchen Sign - Cherry Wood {6º Republic} . new~
Floating Chair || [Black Bantam] Autumn Dreams Balloon Chair - Leather - Autumn {C88} . new~
Lights || [Black Bantam] Rainbrella String Lights - Ceiling - Black Glow {C88} . new~
Pear Deco || [Black Bantam] Pears In A Wooden Dish - Faded Green {6º Republic} . new~
Table || [Black Bantam] Industrial Pipe Table - Cherry Wood {6º Republic} . new~
Up Sign || [Black Bantam] Wooden Arrow Light Sign - Dark Wood {6º Republic} . new~

Earrings || #adored - winged earrings - gunmetal
Eyelashes || VCO ~ Angie Eyelashes
Eyeliner || < nova > Mindy Eyeliner { oo9 } {sad november. new~
Eyes || !CS! Nova {thrift shop} . new~
Garter || .MS. Sexy Leather Legstrap - Noir
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Freya hair . new~ {we <3 rp} . new~
Hat || *Cila*Woolen Hat Rose Grey {kira kira} . coming soon!
Lips || [UMEBOSHI] Autumn's lips -Natural Pink-
Shoes || {Livalle} Interface -High Strapped Heels USB- Noir
Socks || Cozy.Socks (Gray) {C88} . new~
Sweater Dress || Blueberry - Blogger Exclusive Dress - Maitreya