Dec 1, 2015

 「 bunny 🐰 babe 」
Or as Freya called it, "a walking Sweet Thing/Altair advertisement". LMAO In all seriousness, whenever something new from Altair or Sweet Thing pops up, I always have to pair them together because the outfit feels incomplete otherwise. <3 And this outfit was no exception! Aya made some SUPER ADORABLE items for this round of the Arcade, and I won't blame you if you go crazy trying to get them all. I pretty much adore everything from it this round, so at some point I'll be scooting my tush on over to see what I can get. Best of luck to all of you in getting in and getting what you want!

{ credits }

Boots || Sweet Thing. Snow Rabbit Boots - Black {the arcade} . new~
Bunny || Sweet Thing. Precious Rabbit (Dark) {the arcade} . new~
Bunny Ears || Sweet Thing. Luxury Faux Rabbit Ears RARE {the arcade} . new~
Collar || Sweet Thing. Sweet Rabbit Collar - Black {the arcade} . new~
Cuffs || ALTAIR* spike cuffs .black.
Hair || Eaters Coma - HAIR 62 / FUNKY
Hair Bow || Sweet Thing. Rabbit Hairbow {the arcade} . new~
Harness || ALTAIR* babydoll harness .pink.
Pose || Izzie's - Bunny Pose 4
Skirt || ALTAIR* cutie cheerleader - skirt .diva. {sanarae} . new~
Stockings || _CD_ Mayumi Socks Black
Top || ALTAIR* neko top .diva.