Jan 9, 2016

 「arctic bunny」
Still feeling pretty low, so I'm not quite "full time" right now. I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to fight it. I'll get out as many posts as I possibly can so I don't stay behind, but I'm still kind of iffy on how they look even if I take my time on them. Hopefully you'll like them regardless. <3 Keep reading for credits.

{ credits }

Arm Fluff || E. Snow Bunny Fluff Cuffs {the epiphany} . starts tomorrow!
Bunny Ears || E. Snow Bunny Fluff Puff Ears (Pinku) RARE {the epiphany} . starts tomorrow!
Collar || ALTAIR* cat collar .pink. {the epiphany} . starts tomorrow!
Earrings || Pink Acid Gem Snowflake Stud Earrings Gold {TCF} . new~
Eyes || (*ANGELICA) BABY EYES #mocha brown {TSS} . starts tomorrow!
Face Tattoo || Aidhona - Bunny Face (pink)
Fur Bikini || E. Snow Bunny Furkini (Maitreya) {the epiphany} . starts tomorrow!
Hair || Besom~ Paper Garden
Harness || Sweet Thing. Helli Harness (Maitreya Beta) {ROMP} . new~
Pose || Izzie's - Bunny Pose 04
Skin || (*ANGELICA) BABY :dollfie: bitten {TSS} . starts tomorrow!