Jan 11, 2016

 「as the world falls down」
I know it's all over online and everywhere else, but incase you missed it, someone who was incredibly talented and respected in the musical industry (and whoever watched The Labyrinth back in the day) passed away. That someone was David Bowie. </3 Originally I didn't want to put anything on the post for today, but hearing of his death was heartbreaking, and he was too great a person not to dedicate a small post to. RIP. It's only forever, not long at all.. So many hearts are broken today.

{ credits }

Cat Bed || ALTAIR* cat bed .pink. {the epiphany} . opens soon~
Cat Headband || ALTAIR* feline familiar .white.
Cat Plushie || ALTAIR* cat plushie .white. {the epiphany} . opens soon~
Collar || 
ALTAIR* cat collar .pink. {the epiphany} . opens soon~
Dress || 
ALTAIR* cat dress .pink. RARE -fitmesh maitreya- {the epiphany} . opens soon~
Eyes || (*ANGELICA) BABY EYES #mocha brown {the seasons story} . new~
Face Tattoo || Aidhona - Bunny Face (pink)
Fridge || B.C.C Emma's sweet kitchen Refrigerator-Red [1]
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Arica hair {ROMP} . new~
Heater || BALACLAVA!! Fuji Kerosene Heater - Holiday Red
Platforms || *Cila*Lady Lace Platforms-RARE {omgacha} . new~
Pose || Kirin - Haru Pose 3a
Rug || Astralia - Snowflake rug (red)
Skin || (*ANGELICA) BABY :dollfie: bitten {the seasons story} . new~
Socks || *MUKA* Garter Socks
Sweater || { V I N C U E } Turtly+Sweater {the seasons story} . new~
Table || Jian :: International Coffee Station (Props) {the liason collaborative} . new~