Feb 19, 2016

 「lavender kiss」
Hello<3 My photo today looks pretty bright doesn't it? I wish the weather was the same way. I almost made it dark instead because of how nice it made the flowers turn out, but I changed it last second. Oh, and I took yesterday off from blogging for my sanity, since I still have a lot I need to blog and need a day or two to myself inbetween. I did have this outfit made up for you though, so I saved time with thinking of what to wear. Tomorrow I'll have some more Flower Power stuff, incase you were wondering what happened with me doing posts for that. Slowly but surely I'm catching up! But for today, I've got new things from Quirky, Vincue, Black Bantam, Sweet Thing and Suicidal Unborn! Enjoy~ I couldn't exactly fit the backpack into the shot, so here's the extra photo of it.

{ credits }

Backpack | . Quirky . - Monster Mash Backpack - Light Gold {kawaii project} . new~
Boots | Sweet Thing. Cyber Stompers - Purity {kawaii project} . new~
Dress | { V I N C U E } Lilly+Dress {kustom9} . new~
Earrings | Glam Affair - Baroque Earrings - Lilac
Eyeliner 1 | ARISE. Glitter Liner / Purple
Eyeliner 2 | #adored - tightliner - purple
Eyes | -SU!- Asami Eyes {hentai fair} . new~
Hair | Lovey Dovey :: Penny
Horn | ~KanoYa~ Unicorn's Horn
Lips | Pink Acid - Heart on Purple Lipstick
Nails | Bella Elephante - Unicorn Slink Nails
Necklace | .Atomic. {Unicorn Horn} Necklace
Pose | //elephante poses// Amalthea #4 {enchantment}
Ring | :Moon Amore: Unicorn Ring (Silver/Blue)
Skin | [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Stockings | -SU!- Nylon Stockings LAVENDER {hentai fair} . new~
Unicorn Pet | [Black Bantam] My Little Unicorn - Natural Horn Purple Ombre {enchantment}