Jun 27, 2016

 「at the park」
Ah... excuse the slight absense. The summer steam sale just started a few days ago and so I purchased Borderlands the Presequel for bf and I. It's a whole lot of fun, but I finally got a bit to get a blog post out while my computer isn't overheating and shutting itself down (Think we have to open it up and clean it out again..) and while bf is at work. It's been soo hot, I've been wanting to just jump in a pool or find a nice patch of trees for shade. If I actually went outside anyway. -laugh- But that also contributes to me not posting sooner.. since my laptop tends to heat up the room when on SL.

New lovely and yummy goodies from mignon today! Also a cute hair coming out for Dreamful by NANI very soon. And a new pair of sandals from fri.day. <3 Hope you enjoy! Photo taken at honeycomb~

{ credits }

Beret | "mignon." / -Lolita beret.
Dress | "mignon." -Always summer. _dress [Maitreya] RARE {sanarae} . new~
Hair | [NANI] Dahlia.Hair {dreamful} . starts july 2nd!
Icecream | "mignon." -Always summer. _icecream RARE {sanarae} . new~
Pose | (marukin) [light] checked pants_relaxed
Purse | "mignon." -melody chan Pochette _RARE
Sandals | fri.day - Dinah.Sandals (Cloud) - Maitreya {uber} . new~