Jun 23, 2016

 「mahou shoujo ★☆ transform!」
Damn, you guys. It feels like just yesterday was the end of May.. and now it's nearing the end of June. And thinking about what today's date was, I suddenly realized.. I've officially been on SL for 7 years today. I guess that kind of makes today's post a bit special, huh? I'm really loving how my posts are turning out lately, and I'm not sure it's because I was blogging a ton or just because maybe I've noticed a little improvement here and there.. either way! Wow, 7 whole years on Second Life. I started out as a geisha nearly right after I joined, and I've come a long way as a blogger in the upcoming 3 years that have passed. I hope to continue for many more. <3

Um, before I forget to tell you what's new today, I've got stuff from NANI and ARISE. :D The other stuff is credited too of course. I obviously went for a magical girl look today because I'm really excited for Crystal Heart. Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Eyes | .ARISE. Nas Eyes / Pink {the fantasy collective} . new~
Garter | ALTAIR* magica garter
Glitter | +Half-Deer+ Glitter Field - Diamonds - Cluster (3 prim)
Hair | [NANI] Nehelenia.Hair {crystal heart} . starts june 30th!
Heels | Violent Seduction  - Rose Jail Heels (Candy)
Moon Bindi | +Fawn's Demise+ Moon Bindi .Princess.
Nails | Moon Amore- Antoinette Nails -Gesture Slink
Outfit | [monso] My Candy School Look - Pink (maitreya) {kustom9}
Petals | +Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals - Windblown Swirl - Pink
Pose | *.amato.* jojo-03
Wand | .tsg. Eternal Wand