Jul 30, 2016

 ►suffering is weakness.◄
Hey! It's nearing the end of the month.. Aside from being busy the past couple of days.. I caught a cold (thanks, mom. she got the whole house sick..) and the internet decided to be a huge jerk today. I don't really have the patience to deal with it while I'm sick, so I'm sorry I was kind of late. I know I've been posting a lot more than I used to lately, but sometimes I guess a break is in order. Not too many new things today, but I do have a few to share! Manga Fair is coming up soon and I'm super excited. This hair is a little preview of what's to come. Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Build | [[RH]] Nihonkaoku (Mesh)
Calligraphy Set | 8f8 - serene sancuary - Shodo Set
Cloth Deco | 18,[[RH]] -KURA- TANMONO (roll of cloth) {the epiphany}
Cushions | 13,[[RH]] -Kura- ZABUTON -B- {the epiphany}
Cushion Stack | 14,[[RH]] -KURA-  ZABUTON (Cushion) Display-A- {the epiphany}
Divider | 5,[[RH]] -KURA- Tuitate (Screen) Sakura Black -A- {the epiphany}
Dresser | [[RH]] Kiri Tansu (Kimono Drawer) Epiphany Gift
Dressing Table | [[RH]] Japanese Dressing table(Camellia)
Light | 7,[[RH]] -KURA- Andon (Light) -Black- {the epiphany}
Makeup Set | [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Make-up set (Red)
Peonies (Pink) | 9,[[RH]] -KURA- BOTAN Vase (Peony) Pink {the epiphany}
Peonies (Red) | 8,[[RH]] -KURA- BOTAN Vase (Peony) Red {the epiphany}
Pipe Set | [[RH]]  -Kuruwa- Kiseru set (Red)
Table | 12,[[RH]] -KURA- ZATAKU (Table) {the epiphany}
Tea Cup | 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Tea Cup
Tea Set | [[RH]] Japanese ice Green tea
Vase | 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Sakura Vase

Arm Wraps | *katat0nik* Arm Straps {collabor88}
Bikini | lassitude & ennui Vindicator bikini black - Maitreya Lara {gacha garden} . starts tomorrow!
Blindfold | lassitude & ennui Vindicator blindfold - SOI {gacha garden} . starts tomorrow!
Boots | lassitude & ennui Vindicator boots black - Maitreya Lara {gacha garden} . starts tomorrow!
Collar | .:E.A:.Studio Collar Zippers . gift~
Cuffs | !dM Lolita - wristWraps **STORM**
Earrings | tram -shizuku earrings- . group gift~
Hair | [NANI] Galko.Hair {manga fair} . starts aug 6th!
Handcuffs | =Zenith=Criminal Police HandCuff (Black) {the epiphany}
Pose | [KoKoLoReS] Poser - hey look here
Rings | [Since1975] - Dark Queen's Rings (Slink/Gesture)
Tattoo | [CAROL G] Rishi Black - Tattoo - Applier Maitreya