Sep 7, 2016

I may not exactly be in the sea, but well.. you know. Also, since I completely sucked at getting a picture of this pavilion, here's a better shot of the full thing. Sorry I didn't post this right away, I wasn't exactly feeling the greatest. I also, to be honest, had a really hard time coming up with something to do for this gacha set. Mermaid stuff is not really a strong suit of mine as you can probably see.. Sorry for the weird colors on the pic. I just couldn't figure out how to get it to work. Anyhow! Mostly new goodies for Arcade but also a couple others. :D Yes, still doing Arcade stuff. Hope you like!

{ credits }

Blue Chair | [Black Bantam] Shell Chair Sky {the arcade} . new!
Blue Pillow | 
[Black Bantam] Mermaid Gemstone Pillow White/Ocean {the arcade} . new!
Pavilion | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Rectangular Pavilion 1 {the chapter four} . new!
Puppy | [Black Bantam] Sleeping French Male Bulldog {the arcade} . new!
Purple Pillow | [Black Bantam] Mermaid Gemstone Pillow White/Tintable {the arcade} . new!
White Chair | [Black Bantam] Shell Chair Smoke (tintable) {the arcade} . new!
White Cupcake Flower | Pink Acid Floral Cupcake Decor White {MIX @ mainstore} . new!
Yellow Cupcake Flower | Pink Acid Floral Cupcake Decor Yellow {MIX @ mainstore} . new!

Arm Cuff | *JB* Elegant Arm Cuff
Crown | Pink Acid The Mermaids Kingdom Crown - Gold RARE
Dress | :moonamore+cureless:/Maitreya Exp Sous-Marine Dress / RARE
Eyeliner | #adored - tightliner - teal
Eyes | {S0NG} :: Alice~ Dark Blue Eye
Eyeshadow | Pink Acid Eye Magic Eyeshadow - Red Carpet Teal
Hair | .EMBW. Alya Hair
Headdress | +Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Sea Unicorn Headdress RARE
Heels | - Lady.Janes (Cloud) {shoebox} . new!
Lipgloss | Pink Acid Subtle Lip Gloss - Pink
Nails | :Moon Amore: Ocean Nails (blue)
Necklace | [Black Bantam] Beaded Pearl Necklace Gold {the arcade} . new!
Ring | Pink Acid The Mermaids Kingdom Pearl & Gold Ring
Tattoo | .epoch. -  wet mermaid legs - white