Oct 21, 2016

Yeah, despite how evil I might look.. doesn't mean I actually am! Or something? I'll leave that up to you to decide. It's getting closer to Halloween and I guess my desire to dress up way ahead of time is showing. I had a lot of fun doing something dark! Hope you like it!

{ credits }

Boots | [2]mignon. -lunatic cross boots.[Maitreya] RARE 
{kawaii project} . new!
Broom | //elephante poses// & Lost Junction - Witchy
Cauldron | //elephante poses// Hocus Pocus
Circle | Che Bella // Summoning Circle One
Collar | [Black Bantam] A Witches Gem Choker Captured Soul
Cross | .ARISE. Cross Tattoo Mark
Earrings | [monso] My Cross Earrings - Black {kustom9} . gift!
Eyes | {S0NG} :: Bomi~ Blues Eye 
{kustom9} . gift!
Garter | Sweet Thing. Coal Pentagram Trick Garter
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lisara hair {candy fair} . new!
Horns | [3]
mignon. -lunatic devil horn. {kawaii project} . new!
Ooze | .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mouth melting - Black {candy fair} . gift!
Ring | =Zenith=Bone Bat Ring - Coral 
{kustom9} . gift!
Skirt | -Nomi-Melusin SK(MMB) 03 RARE 
{kawaii project} . new!
Stockings | 
-Nomi-Melusine Stockings-Black(Omega) {kawaii project} . new!
Top | 
-Nomi-Melusin Top(MMB) 03 RARE {kawaii project} . new!