Oct 28, 2016

<3 Today was COOOOLD. I warmed up somehow even though I was freezing for a while and thought I wasn't going to be able to help much. I'm the kind of person who gets cold even with.. a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a windbreaker AND a hoodie. I almost thought I should have worn my winter jacket but then I remembered that might not have even made much of a difference.  Thankfully, tomorrow will be warmer! It's almost Halloween you guys! I'm super stoked, even though I'll likely be inside doing nothing.. except maybe dressing up to look pretty in the house. Pft. What will you guys be doing?

I have more goodies from Geeks n Nerds! I kind of went for the "gamer" look, you know, when you get up out of bed and first thing you do is sit on your comfy bed or chair or whatever it is you sit on, and play some games! Just something simple. Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Book | Violetility - Winnie's Spellbook {geeks n nerds}
Build | dust bunny. upcycled cabin
Chair | Wimey: Leather Beanbag Black {{geeks n nerds}
Coffee Table | Wimey: Controller Coffee Table RARE {geeks n nerds}
Console | Violetility - Arcade Table {geeks n nerds}
Game On Deco | Wimey: Game On! Wall Art RARE {geeks n nerds}
Lamp | Wimey: Surprise Box Side Table and Lamp RARE {geeks n nerds}
Radio | ~isil~ RadSphere 3000 Radio (White) 1.2 {geeks n nerds}

Blush | Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush - Pink/Magenta
Hair | [LCKY] Kim {kawaii project}
Makeup | .tsg. Doki Doki Eyeshadow - Peach
Milk | 2PM. MILK {add}
Nails | LIVIA::Candy Cocoa Nails
Pose | Vanity Poses - Fiona 6 {geeks n nerds}
Shorts | Blueberry - Group Gift - Lingerie - Panties - Maitreya
Socks | ***Ambrosia***{GACHA} Relaxing Time Over-knee Socks1[pink2] Maitreya_Fitted* {geeks n nerds}
Tee | -tres blah- Fitted Tee (Maitreya) - Girl Power