Oct 30, 2016

Hey hey! Has anyone else been having problems where you log on SL for the first time of the day and it immediately crashes? I've lost a few review items from that before, how annoying! Maybe I just needed to restart my laptop.. I'm guilty of going weeks without doing that, and only do it when I absolutely have to.

This pic turned out a bit different than I first had it set up for (at least outfit-wise) but I ended up liking it! I guess this bloody set from c.ment made me decide to bloody up the rest a little as well! This outfit from mignon is also really cute. I think I tainted it a bit. Not too much to say for this one really, I think it's self explanatory. -laugh- Hope you guys like!

{ credits }

Bed | C.ment :: hospital bed {sanarae} . new!
Curtain | C.ment :: hospital curtain ver.1 {sanarae} . new!
Instruments | C.ment :: surgical instruments {sanarae} . new!
IV | C.ment :: IV bag & hanger {sanarae} . new!
Room | C.ment :: Mystery hospital RARE {sanarae} . new!
Table | C.ment :: Surgical Instrument Table {sanarae} . new!
Wheelchair | C.ment :: wheel chair {sanarae} . new!

Bangs | Lovey Dovey :: Add-on Bangs
Boots | mignon. -futaba. boots [Maitreya] {sanarae} . new!
Collar | [Black Bantam] Pray For Us Cross Choker Chrome {n21}
Earrings | {amiable}Heart Petit Candy Fair2016 Gift Earrings_Silver
Eyebags | < nova > Eyebags v4 { light }
Glasses | 
mignon. -futaba. glasses {sanarae} . new!
Hair | !Oleander ~ Madison. [Mummy]
Outfit | mignon. -futaba. [Maitreya] {sanarae} . new!
Pose | oOo dangerous_one